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Now is the e-commerce era. Retail shopping is out and online shopping is in. In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchase online. Social media is displaying a stronger influence online shopping behaviors. IBUYANDSHARE.COM is the e-commerce platform that provides incentives to motivate your customers to make a referral on their social networks and gain sales for your business. Let your products reach out to unlimited shoppers, helping your business grow faster and worldwide.

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Your Customer is Your Salesperson

Your customers are motivated and automatically become your "salesperson", bringing your business with new customer acquisition and sales.

Power of Social Media

Leverage on your customers's social media to gain access worldwide customer base.

No Hidden Costs

Only pay a commission on every successful transaction. No setup fees. No monthly fees.

Simple and Easy

No worry about any cost of website setup and online marketing. We handle all these and assist you to understand how your account can be managed and how your product can be upload.

Free Advertising

Tap into our sales and marketing events and increase the exposure of your products for free.

Free Product Listing

We upload your products on our platform for free up to 100 SKU.

LET'S GROW YOUR BUSINESS together with us

It has never been easier to sell and market online.

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