IBuyAndShare Reward

Three steps to monetizing your social network.


BUY first and SHARE it to your social network. EARN money from the purchases as more people in your social networks buy with referred via your shared product link. Our referral reward is up to 5% commission and affiliate mechanism up to 2 levels.

Eventually, if your social network is strong, you will earn back what you paid and start to making money from your purchases. Leverage on your social networks to earn your initial investment where you purchased your first favorite product with IBUYANDSHARE and to be our re-seller automatically. 




Register an account and read the Term of Use.

Find your favor product by browsing with the Categories or type in the Search Box.

Check the product information and add to cart.

Confirm the shopping cart and place an order.

After payment, go the Order page. Click on the "+" button to share your shopping to your social networks.

When other clicks and buys through your shared link, you will get commission up to 5% of that product price.


No joining fee, you can monetize your social network, anytime and anywhere.


Your link can be shared without limit, maximize your posts to increase the chance and earn commission as much as possible.


The commission rewarded is up to 5% and up to 2 levels.


No working capital and stocks carrying needed. You can startup your business just using our platform and your social networks.


Simple UI design to make sure you feel comfortable using our website. You also can track your commission easily just in one click.




What is User Wallet?

  • User Wallet is digital wallet that allows the account holder to receive commission, purchasing online, and collecting refunds on IBUYANDSHARE.


How do i withdraw in my Commission?

  • You may withdraw your “Commission Available for Redemption” or use it for your purchase.


Steps for Commission withdrawal:

  • Upon check out, choose “User Wallet” as payment method, and click “Place Order”. If you have insufficient funds or insufficient check out amount, the system prompt you to choose other payment method.


Can I withdrawal partial amount from My Wallet’s balance?

  • You can withdraw any amount from your Wallet’s Commission Available for Redemption” so long the minimum withdrawal is at least 100 Singapore Dollar (SGD).


Will the funds in My Wallet expire?

  • No. Your balance in your Wallet will not expire.
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