About IBuyAndShare

We Monetize Social Networks

We're an e-commerce platform that believes in the power of social media.

About Us

We started IBUYANDSHARE for our users to monetize the social networks by creating a business opportunities for buyers to earn passive income while bringing sellers’s business with sale growth when the buyers are ”turning to be theirs salesperson. Our IBUYANDSHARE concept provides greater value to you and achieves win-win situation.

Our Concept


any item from IBUYANDSHARE


the link on the social networks


income as people buy via the link

Our system handles up to 2 levels of commission, allowing customers to monetize their social networks through a cashback and affiliate mechanism. They will be rewarded for buying and sharing the link of the products they purchased. As more connections of the customers buy, this will create a network-buying effect that self-propagates increasing the sellers' sales many folds.

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